Our Doctors

Dr SmartPhone MD has built the only 50-state 24/7/365 network of on-call physicians in the U.S. Our network is composed of licensed, experienced primary care physicians and specialists with specific training in telemedicine.

Our physicians all have years of experience and are licensed to practice in their respective states. They consult with patients seeking complementary methods of treatment from simple ask-a-doctor consultations by phone - to full telemedicine consults with e-health solutions involving e-prescribing for preventative, maintenance, and long-term and/or chronic conditions.

Each Dr SmartPhone MD physician undergoes a credentialing process that reviews their education, state and federal licensures, board certification, as well as any malpractice or disciplinary history. All HIPAA requirements are strictly followed.

When are They Available?

Our doctors are available 24/7. Whether you need help in the middle of a work day or the middle of the night, a doctor will be ready to assist you within minutes of reaching out to our network. You have the option to make an appointment based on your schedule or receive immediate help. Our average wait times are 5 minutes or less. As an Dr SmartPhone MD member, you have unlimited access to our doctors without any fees or penalties.