How Do I Take Care Of My New Baby!?

Your precious baby has arrived.  After a perfect pregnancy, uneventful labor and delivery, you have come home with your baby and you are ready to slip into the perfect routine.  Wishful thinking is a crutch, and the reality is that life during and after your pregnancy has you frightened about how you possibly can lead a normal life with a miniature human incapable of telling you what he or she needs.  What are you going to do with this screaming machine, and how is it possible for the baby to change modes so quickly?

Start by calling your own mother, grandmother or trusted female friend who has any type of ongoing experience with babies and ask that woman for advice.  As long as babies have been a part of the big picture, there have been women gathering to help new mothers through those intense first few weeks integrating a newborn into the household.  Experienced women make the difference when you learn survival techniques for the sleepless nights, adjusting hormones and the uncertainties of getting your feet under you.

You do need to beware of helpful women who try to get a little bit too helpful, because they will do anything it takes to try to undermine your authority.  A frequent tactic for this kind of mentor is to attempt to be too helpful, possibly guilting you into a feeling that the only way to keep a relationship alive with the father is to leave the baby behind.  This is a dangerous precedent to set, and it will not allow you to get acclimated to your role as “new mom.”

Find a helpful, and knowledgeable, soul who is willing to help you learn about being a mother and how to handle your role.  Make sure the knowledge she shares is supplemental, much like the supplemental health and wellness knowledge share by DrSmartphoneMD.

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