Changing the Face of Healthcare

Dr SmartPhone MD offers a revolutionary telemedicine service that redefines the way we take care of our medical needs. Traditionally we handle our health issues through trips to the ER, waiting rooms and doctor fees that make us sick all over again. But with Dr SmartPhone MD, you can skip all that unnecessary time and money by simply picking up the phone and calling a doctor.

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What are the Benefits?

Dr SmartPhone MD members receive incredible benefits from our service that improves they way they handle their medical needs:

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    24/7 access to board certified doctors
  • Contact a doctor anytime, anywhere
  • 90% of all medical issues resolved
  • Save time and money
  • Small monthly fee covers your family

This is not like insurance. There are no deductibles, no co-pays and pre-existing conditions are never turned down!

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Who are our doctors?

Our nationwide network of board certified doctors are fully licensed to practice in their respective state. They are trained in the practice of telemedicine, and they strictly follow all HIPAA regulations and all other confidentiality practices.

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